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The Backwords Dictionary: A Word Ending Dictionary

A word ending dictionary for Scrabble©, Words with Friends©, crossword puzzles and other wordgames. Contains words sorted by last letter.

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"About 35-40% of the time, a player wants to create a word ending in a specific letter. This, however, is not the way we traditionally think, and, not to mention, this is not the way dictionaries are sorted. In other words, in many situations, conventional dictionaries are not arranged in an easy to use manner. This dictionary solves that problem by sorting on the last letter of the word." (Read more...)

Richard Ekstrom, Editor

Amazon Reviews

"It's wonderful for high point letters! z and x sections help a lot with your game. I recommend the dictionary for Scrabblers."

"Recommend this book to anyone who plays Scrabble or Words with Friends. It does exactly what it is meant for: helps one find words alphabetically according to the last letter of the word."

"Comes in very handy for playing Scrabble plus has all the 'J' words. Got there quickly. That's all there is."

"It's great for playing Scrabble and other word games, especially interactive games on the internet. It's very easy to find words quickly."

"This book is just what you'd expect it to be - a great resource for crossword puzzle and Scrabble fans alike."

"Like the author, my husband and I play 'dictionary Scrabble' (where we're allowed to search the dictionary for the best word) and I'd often said I wish someone would produce a 'Backwords Dictionary' to help make plays on a board with limited playing space. I'm very excited with the book and will recommend it to fellow Scrabble enthusiasts."

"An excellent resource in a new edition for Scrabble or generally exploring the roots of words. Entertaining and well worth adding to your collection."

"Pretty good book, organized differently than most, but is handy for coming up with words that fit. Comes in handy for finding those unusual words."

"This book works most of the time. I am a hardcore scrabble player so some words are not accepted by scrabble association For fun this book is OK!!!!!"

"Wonderful!!! This little gem has taken our scrabble games and vocabulary to a new level. It is so amazing that my kids request it by saying "pass the book of fake words". It makes using the dictionary much more interesting."

"My Mom and I play a lot of Scrabble but we play by our rules. Various concussions have made this game a huge challenge for me and so I find this book to be very helpful in our style of play."

"This has come in so handy many times already. There are some words I can't come up with to end with a w or q, but this book gives you lots of choices if you have the right Scrabble letters to go along with the word. It is a great resource for help!"

"Great for playing word games such as Scrabble or Words with Friends. For the few really difficult to play letters in the alphabet the dictionary gives both words beginning with and ending with that letter. A must have for word game junkies!"

"It took me a little while to figure out just how to use this dictionary. Now that I understand, it is fantastic! It is so helpful when I play Scrabble and Words With Friends on my iPad. It really saves a lot of searching in my regular Scrabble Dictionary. A clever book that I highly recommend."

"This is really important when you must fit in a word and have only the last letter, such as a c or h."

"This is a great asset for all you Scrabble or Words with Friends players that gives you a boost on potential points. Easily arranged in alphabetical order it not only includes words that end in a particular letter but also a complete list of words with those pesky 'Z' and 'Q' and 'W' letters as an example."

"Words are listed alphabetically by their last letter and are easy to find, with specific letters having an 'ALL' page also."

"There are times when there is no place to go but to this book. This book has helped me out of countless jams. The format is simple and easy to use. Very cool."

"Love this book. Helps my game a lot."

" It has really helped me beat my dad at his game!"

"The next time I play Scrabble with my 93-year-old killer Scrabble opponent mother, I'm going to hide this book from her but use it myself."

"It's a terrific help. Brilliant book."

"Great book for scrabble, use it all the time!"

"A great book and one that should be in every Scrabble player's library."

"A must for any serious scrabble beginner."

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